British Rockers: Primal Scream

British Rockers Primal ScreamThe Eighties were a great time for the emergence of unique talents in indie pop rock music. Rock stars were born and an entirely new genre of pop rock music had hit the live scene. People everywhere were running out to shows on the circuit hoping to see the next big star. Musicians started to take on side projects and play in more than one band, optimising on the opportunity to make a living playing music.

Glasgow born Bobby Gillespie was one of those musicians. Playing in multiple bands, he was part of none other than The Jesus and Mary Chain before going on to devote all his time to Primal Scream.

The indie group Primal Fear had and ability to mix the punk garage band style influences with psychedelic style sounds and dance music. Starting out covering songs by The Byrds and Velvet Underground, Primal Scream soon went on to writing their own catchy tunes and chose their unique name based on the idea of a loud cry used in primal therapy. The first recordings weren’t as successful as they had hoped and that was when Gillespie chose to join The Jesus and Mary Chain.

After a few band member changes and expensive failed releases, Gillespie and the band started frequenting the acid house scene in the late Eighties. Frequently attending clubs, Gillespie started to pull inspiration from the DJs and partnered with one to pull together the Primal Scream hit “Loaded”. The band had previously only broken onto the charts at number 64. It was blending their rock sound with a more dance-y beat that proved successful – “Loaded” debuted at number 16, proving that the band was onto something. Resilience, experience and a never ending passion for experimenting have been the characteristic traits of Primal Scream, which puts them firmly among the most inspiring bands to have emerged from the UK in the last thirty years of so.

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