Don’t Miss These New Music Trends

Music TrendsThe digital era has made music more accessible than ever before but the abundance of tunes available can make it difficult to find the beats that leave a lasting impression. Artists have collaborated, used unusual instruments and made creative choices in order to be original in their music writing. People are constantly listening and looking for new sounds whether the songs embrace technologies like autotune, dub interludes or even open to exotic genres like tropical house. It must be noted that it is often difficult to predict these trends.

Dark bass is an interesting style which mixes bass music, trip hop and industrial in the electronic music genre and should be explored by any EDM fan. It doesn’t matter whether you want to mosh or dance because with the progressive, heavy, electro tinged sounds you can do both. This new trend uses the old electronic style as a base but twists it in a much more aggressive, almost dangerous way. This adds an element of metal or rock music into a dance structure, so it’s no wonder that it has recently become very popular.

Air pop is a captivating new trend where artists combine elements of ambient music, trip hop music and pop and psych rock music to make calm, soft, mysterious songs. This new sub genre puts an innovative spin on the easy rock that used to adorn the radios. Take note of some artists who are making an effort to mix genres and break social norms in regards to making music.

Artists are mixing folk and country like melodies with electronic dance beats to create a new trend called Country dance which could become a worldwide phenomenon. Musicians who were once in one genre have pushed their limits to integrate different styles continuously creating new and interesting ideas, catering to different types of audiences.

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