The indie genre has evolved significantly over the past few decades with the rise in access to recording technology and musical applications. The independent music scene evolved from British pop, punk rock and electronic explorations to bring the world the widest variety of artists and sub genres in the modern decade. Alternative rock, a term used interchangeably with indie, has evolved dynamically to include some of the most popular artists from mainstream to underground culture. If you’re a fan of everything indie or alternative, you’ve come to the right place.

Extremely diverse, fans of indie music grew up with a variety of genres. The alternative or indie rock music takes them and mixes them in ways that appeal to mass audiences and small underground clubs alike. Want to know about the best in indie and alternative music? Keep reading because this space was made to educate. You can browse around and in no time you’ll find information you’ve never heard before and captivating articles you’ll want to share with your music loving friends.

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