My Bloody Valentine: Indie Rock Legends

My Bloody ValentineAre you a fan of noisy, melodic tunes with unorthodox guitar playing and progressive production techniques? My Bloody Valentine is the band with that edge you’ve been looking to hear when you really want to let loose. Formed in Dublin, the Irish rock band is one of the most fascinating formations to hit the music scene in history. The popular band has created albums that will forever be recognised as the best music to come out of the 1990s.

The band moved to London, England in 1985 and started working immediately. They networked with managers and agents and made their way onto the London rock circuit. Instead of moving to New York like the founding member Kevin Shields had imagined originally, the band was persuaded by a friend to stay and record and EP with his record label. It was an immediate hit, and although not entering the charts, it secured more visibility and attention.

My Bloody Valentine went through a number of band changes before getting signed to a much larger label, Creation Records, in 1988. The band released multiple successful EPs before getting to their debut album, “Isn’t Anything”, which helped them make their mark on the indie rock scene and allowed for extensive tours. A quick note: an EP, which stands for “extended play” is a record with just a few tracks which doesn’t last as long as a traditional album.

My Bloody Valentine went back to the studio to record “Loveless” in 1991 and although it is to this day their biggest success, the band was dropped from Creation Records referencing massive production costs to manage them. Luckily for their fan following, My Bloody Valentine went on to sign with Island Records but failed to record any more albums. Unofficially, recordings were underway, but as a matter of fact it was only Kevin Shields who was working, guesting on other musicians’ records or producing tracks and albums.

After disbanding in 1997, the band reunited and published “m b v” in 2013, a whole 22 years after “Loveless”.

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