The Evolution of Contemporary British Music

Contemporary British MusicDo you want to know what new music is most likely to become known worldwide? Some of the most listened recording artists in history came out of Britain. The term contemporary can be used loosely to describe all current iteration of such genres as jazz, pop, rock, electronic, classical and folk. These styles of music have especially flourished in Britain, often paving the way for other musicians worldwide who have consequently gone to build massive careers of their own.

The British culturally have a lot in common with other countries such as Australia, United States and Canada which creates a familiarity to the music. This helps push the music into the mainstream and creates musical phenomenons which is exactly what happened with the British Invasion. The Beatles led this movement in the 1960s when they became the most popular band in the music industry, granting access to much bigger audiences for more bands from back home, among them the Rolling Stones, the Kinks or the Animals.

The music that emerged from the garages of British bandmates has become some of the most legendary and influential music in history. The 1950s shows the use of film as an avenue to bring popular British jazz, traditional pop and swing music to the general popular and by the 1960s the British had developed a successful music industry. British musicians in the 1960s adopted innovative styles of American music through adding catchy beats and blues qualities to their recordings. These recordings were then re introduced to the world and the British bands gained so much success the musical era is named The British Invasion.

British indie and folk rock mixed with psychedelic electronics music built upon the post punk and new wave movement in the 1980ss and multiple sub genres were established. In the music industry, British musicians have been given a high level of respect due to their massive success and influence on the culture itself.

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