The Evolution of Indie Rock

The Evolution of Indie RockPeople in the music industry took notice when grunge, punk revival and British pop bands broke onto the scene. These labels were attached to some of the more popular underground music at a time when there were more musicians than radio time. The technological era was on the rise and underground post punk labels began producing some big time hits in hidden communities. By the end of the 1990s the indie genre grew exponentially and broke off into a variety of sub genres that include emo, lo-fi, noise pop, slow core and post rock. In the 2000s, smaller punk and DIY labels had developed their own niche and a market had emerged, developing a new worldwide respect for the alternative style of music we call indie rock.

Indie bands like The Vines, The Hives, The White Stripes and The Strokes broke onto mainstream radio with huge success and were the reason behind a newfound popular respect for the indie genre by the music industry.

Emo became popular in the 2000s in a similar fashion to a phenomenon. The fans became a following and there was soon a uniform to match the pop punk underground niche. Youths were wearing a mix of goth and punk clothing, making statements about their loyal music enthusiasm and showing a clear effort to gain an abundance of underground music knowledge.

The indie rock following looked to seek ways of finding good music that no one had heard before. Small labels evolved to multiple music platforms when the technological era boomed and music was more accessible than ever. An influx in new indie bands released self recorded albums and started to create more and more music on their own terms.

As the years went on, the bands who have had success in the indie genre have never lost their following. Nowadays, the best way to make an album is through digital methodologies which are easily accessible and continuously contributing to the evolution of the indie rock genre.

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