The Revolutionary Ramones

RamonesThe Ramones are best known for revitalising the rock and roll heard until the Seventies by successfully transforming it into an exciting new sound – Full of sound and attitude, it was their own version of British punk. In 1976, this quartet hailing from Queens released their debut album and took the rock world by storm. Their dynamism moved away from the egotistical rock scene of the time and reverted back to fundamentals: speedy, simple, and minimal rock and roll lyrics. Just drums, bass, guitar and the gritty voice of Joey Ramone.

Thanks to their innovative imprint, the Ramones successfully infused rock and roll with high octane exhilaration and – not a minor detail – fun. This was regardless of the fact that on occasions, their lyrics were a little dark. When their first iconic albums were released between 1976 and 1978, the group ignited a huge lifestyle revolution and a massive change in the music scene. And although the Ramones idolised the early Sixties sound, they also offered a huge amount of originality.

If punk s alive and well four decades after their appearance on the scene, this is an excellent testimony to the value and permanency of this expressive style which the Ramones helped to create and spread all over the world. Their combustive short songs derived from a broad spectrum of different spheres including: garage rock, horror films and comics.

The band breathed and lived a swift cocktail of loud punk pop: the Ramones’ intermingled horror and humour in equal measures, and gave their urbanised followers something extraordinary and powerful which could help express all the repressed energy from their concrete world lives. This iconic band takes its place as a major contributor to music history, and they are revered as one of the best group of musicians to come out of America. Thousands of bands have been influenced by their incredibly popular sound: a sound that proved so longlasting that they pretty much stayed with it for their entire career.

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