Background and Aim uses cookies to improve website functionality and user experience. When you visit this website, we collect information about you that helps us tailor and improve the content you see. We use our own and third-party cookies to improve your experience, collect statistics about how you use our website, remember your preferences, save search history, ratings, settings, username, etc. Cookies are also used to personalize, target, and increase the value of ads on the page and on social media, as well as show you social media features.

If you do not want your information collected by our cookies, you can disable them as described below. Read more about cookies, how they work, and who puts them on your device. This cookie policy applies to any device (computer, tablet, or phone) that accesses or uses our services. Our privacy policy explains the data collected by cookies and the legal basis for processing it.

This cookie policy is updated at least once a year to ensure compliance with applicable laws and our actual conditions.

If you have any questions about personal data, please email us at

What are they?

All websites, including ours, use cookies to store information on your device. Cookies are used to personalize websites, compile user behavior statistics, target marketing, and develop more user-friendly services. Some cookies, called “session cookies” (temporary), are only stored on your device while your browser is open (eg Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.). Other cookies, called “persistent cookies” (permanent), stay on your device for longer.

First-party cookies are placed by, while third-party cookies are placed by our suppliers and other partners who have elements embedded on our website.

ad-hoc cookies

Third-party cookies are used to perform common tasks such as data analysis, embedded comment fields, and questionnaire responses. This allows us to deliver relevant ads and log in and share articles on the websites of our partners. Advertisers, media agencies, analysis partners, and social media and other service partners (eg Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn) set third-party cookies.

To what end?

When you first visit our website, we set cookies that are required to use our service. To receive the service you requested, we must do so in accordance with applicable law and without your consent. These cookies are required to make a website work and enable basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas. Other cookies, such as functional, statistical, and marketing cookies, require your consent before being installed.

Functional cookies collect information about your preferences on the website so we can show you the version that best suits your needs.

Cookie statistics track how often you visit the site, which pages you view, etc. That way we can optimize our design, user-friendliness, and site efficiency.
Using marketing cookies, we can gather information about your preferences, such as which pages and ads you visit, and what products or services you buy or show interest in. This allows us to show you relevant ads. We share information with other companies to show you these. In this regard, we display banner ads on our website. Cookies target the ads. In general, cookies collect information about your IP address, your website navigation, and whether or not you are using a computer, tablet, or mobile.

Consent to cookie collection

We only place cookies on your device with your consent. It’s up to you which cookies you agree to accept. However, necessary cookies do not require your consent and are placed automatically when you visit our website.

Our website may not function properly if you refuse to accept cookies. If cookies are required to remember your choices, you may be unable to use certain services or functions.

We need your consent to create a login or participate in competitions before we can process your data. We have implemented technical and organizational measures to prevent your information from being accidentally or illegally deleted, published, lost, degraded, or accessed by unauthorized persons, misused, or otherwise processed in violation of the law.

Please read our privacy policy for more information about how we handle your personal data.

How to revoke cookie consent

An initial cookie banner will appear on our website. You can choose which cookies we place on your device. To learn more about each cookie, click on ‘Show details’ in the cookie banner. You can change your mind at any time in the cookie banner. The link is at the bottom of the ‘Cookies on’ section.

Choosing to withdraw consent does not affect the legality of

before you withdraw your consent for treatment.

Remove cookies

You can disable cookies in your browser at any time. The method for deleting or deactivating cookies varies by device and browser. If needed, use your browser’s “Help” function. Please note that some website functions and services require cookies to function properly, so opting out may have consequences.

CMD + SHIFT + BACKSPACE (on Mac) deletes cookies. You can also use the links below to learn how to delete cookies in your browser:

• Internet Explorer

• Mozilla Firefox

• Google Chrome

• Opera

• Safari

• Flash cookies

If you use multiple browsers, delete cookies in each one.


All Danish websites must inform users if their use of the site results in cookies being placed on their device. Exec Order on requirements for information and consent when storing and accessing data in end users’ terminal equipment” governs the use of cookies (also called the Cookie Executive Order). The executive order and the Danish Business Authority’s guidelines are here.