The Evolution of Contemporary British Music

Do you want to know what new music is most likely to become known worldwide? Some of the most listened recording artists in history came out of Britain. The term contemporary can be used loosely to describe all current iteration of such genres as jazz, pop, rock, electronic, classical and folk. These styles of music

Don’t Miss These New Music Trends

The digital era has made music more accessible than ever before but the abundance of tunes available can make it difficult to find the beats that leave a lasting impression. Artists have collaborated, used unusual instruments and made creative choices in order to be original in their music writing. People are constantly listening and looking

The Revolutionary Ramones

The Ramones are best known for revitalising the rock and roll heard until the Seventies by successfully transforming it into an exciting new sound – Full of sound and attitude, it was their own version of British punk. In 1976, this quartet hailing from Queens released their debut album and took the rock world by

Musical Legends: The Byrds

It’s best to research the Sixties if you want to get acquainted with the first sounds of folk rock. Although the Eighties may have brought indie rock to the forefront of the industry, creating multiple sub genres, it’s this decade that birthed some of the most legendary music to date. Don’t bypass any album by

Music in the Casino: The Venue You Forgot About

If you’re someone who loves live music an d going to concerts then you want to be aware of all the venues that host musicians in your area. Ending up at a venue with terrible acoustics and a dreary social environment could be the difference between the night of your life and an early, depressing

British Rockers: Primal Scream

The Eighties were a great time for the emergence of unique talents in indie pop rock music. Rock stars were born and an entirely new genre of pop rock music had hit the live scene. People everywhere were running out to shows on the circuit hoping to see the next big star. Musicians started to

My Bloody Valentine: Indie Rock Legends

Are you a fan of noisy, melodic tunes with unorthodox guitar playing and progressive production techniques? My Bloody Valentine is the band with that edge you’ve been looking to hear when you really want to let loose. Formed in Dublin, the Irish rock band is one of the most fascinating formations to hit the music

The Evolution of Indie Rock

People in the music industry took notice when grunge, punk revival and British pop bands broke onto the scene. These labels were attached to some of the more popular underground music at a time when there were more musicians than radio time. The technological era was on the rise and underground post punk labels began