Kanye West Has Had a Camera Crew Behind Him for 21 Years: Watch this Extremely Expensive Netflix Documentary

On Netflix in February, ‘JEEN-YUHS’, which is a three-part documentary series about the hip-hop phenomenon Kanye West, will premiere as a three-part miniseries.

The question is: “But who are you to declare yourself a genius?”

A scene from an upcoming Netflix documentary about Kanye West depicts the rapper hanging out with fellow Rhymefest performers in New York in 2002, during which the two discuss whether West can afford to refer to himself as a genius.

The fact that Kanye West is suffering from greatness madness cannot be disputed.

As we witnessed in 2021, the rapper’s public relations strategy and perfectionist tendencies were to blame for the marathon album ‘Donda’ being constantly changed and postponed, to the point where the record company couldn’t stand the wait any longer and decided to release it on streaming services without the rapper’s approval.

For Kanye West, there is no such thing as being too pretentious.

Because of this, the upcoming Netflix documentary “JEEN-YUHS,” which will be 4.5 hours long and divided into three episodes that will be broadcast over three weeks on the streaming service, is also in keeping with West’s spirit of exploration and exploration of the human condition.

For the past 21 years, a camera crew has had unprecedented access to the hip-hop phenomenon, and as viewers, we get up close and personal with West as he attempts to process the car accident in which he was involved back in 2002. Our involvement extends to times when West is in the studio with his friends Pharrell and Jay-Z.

Netflix has paid the cable company in order to view the footage. When the rights were acquired last year, the sum could have reached as much as $ 30 million.

‘JEEN-YUHS’ will have its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 19th, and will then be released on Netflix on February 16th.

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