Putting the Jacket on the Back Seat of the Car Is the Ultimate Sign of Profit

Boris Schilling Weiss analyzes the mundane act of putting his jacket on the back seat of his car. The world always needs a jacket.

The human-animal is fascinating. Our gait, speech, and choices all have subtleties that together reveal a lot about who we are and how we feel.

To Put His Jacket on the Back Seat of the Car Before Getting in to Drive.

Several features of the otherwise unobtrusive action are noteworthy. First, the person doing it has a four-door car. As an observer, I know that the person I am considering has a good economy and that their daily work and social obligations require them to travel long distances quickly. Both traits indicate a person who is not at the bottom of the social ladder.

Next, I can deduce the jacket liner is comfortable. Sure, it’s convenient to be able to move freely while driving, but not everyone would do it. So the jacket-maker makes the small but crucial sacrifice for maximum comfort behind the wheel.

But why don’t more people? If it’s more convenient, it should be as common as taking a basket to the store.

Time Is the Answer

In everyday life, most people are busy thinking about what to do when they reach their goal. But not the lining. The world is always waiting for a jacket-maker. The meeting starts only when the boss arrives.

Putting your jacket in the backseat before driving is almost a sign of relaxation. Having fun and knowing that your friends would never start the game without you.

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