Music Playlists

What could be worse than a party with no music? The auxiliary plug goes on tour, complete with flat breaks and dramatic style changes, among other surprises.

Sure, there aren’t any tiled stoves available for Gatsby-style New Year’s Eve / Birthday parties this year, but if you’re like a lot of people and prefer to gather in smaller groups with good food and good friends, a well-curated party playlist will still serve you well.

Choose music from both domestic and international sources, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Music should range from relaxing massage tones that set the mood during dinner to the ultimate climax around and beyond midnight. There’s something for everyone, from Outkast to The Doors, Playboi Carti to the Dance Orchestra.

A good number of songs to always have is 115; these songs on the playlist should be meticulously arranged; the shuffle button is not recommended. We recommend that you start the playlist at 6.30 p.m. on the day of the battle. After the queen has finished speaking, all you have to worry about for the rest of the evening is the volume button and your per mille. You’ll also be ushered into any party to the sounds of Dua Lipa’s irresistible disco rodeo anthem ‘Love Again,’ which will be playing throughout the festivities. That is something we intend to do.

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